WE Energies -Customers urged to clear meters, appliance vents following snowfall

WE Energies is strongly encouraging customers to clear any snow or ice from natural gas meters and appliance vents around their homes.  Blocked vents can trap carbon monoxide indoors.  Customers should move snow away from those vents and make sure they are clear of any obstructions.  More meter and safety tips can be found on their blog.

Village Caucus

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the electors of the Village of Stetsonville that a Village Caucus for said Village will be held on Monday, January 14, 2019 at 5:30pm at the Jean M. Thomsen Memorial Library Community Room to nominate two candidates for Village Trustee and one candidate for Village President to be voted for at the Village Election to be held on Tuesday, April 2, 2019.  

Pay your Water/Sewer Bill & Taxes by Credit Card

You can call or stop in the Village office to pay by credit card or download the PayGov App, Search for “PayGov Mobile”.  You can set future payment reminders too!  There is a convenience fee of 2.5% for each transaction.  


The only allowable items for disposal in the compost pile located at the end of E. Mink Ave are:

  • Leaves
  • Grass Clippings
  • Brush
  • Small Trees (trunk size 4″ or less)
  • Branches

These are burnable items!

Water Rate Increase

Water Rate Increase
Begins September 4, 2018
New Charges in effect on the October Bill
Monthly Fire Protection Charge
¾” meter (Residential Customers)                     Current Charge $ 19.26           New Rate: $29.35
1” meter                                                                     Current Charge $ 48.10           New Rate: $74.00
1 ¼” meter                                                                Current Charge $ 71.07            New Rate: $109.00
1 ½” meter                                                                Current Charge $ 96.10           New Rate: $148.00
2” meter                                                                     Current Charge $153.78          New Rate: $235.00
Meter Charge
¾” meter (Residential Customers)                      Current Charge $13.39            New Rate: $16.00
1” meter                                                                      Current Charge $17.00            New Rate: $23.00
1 ¼” meter                                                                 Current Charge $20.60           New Rate: $29.00
1 ½” meter                                                                 Current Charge $24.21            New Rate: $36.00
2” meter                                                                     Current Charge $32.96            New Rate: $50.00
Water Volume Charge
First 10,000 gallons used per month:                 Current Charge $6.95                New Rate: $12.50
Next 60,000 gallons used per month:                 Current Charge $6.44               New Rate: $ 9.00
Over 70,000 gallons used per month:                 Current Charge $5.40               New Rate: $ 6.00

Village Board Meeting

The next Village Board Meeting is Monday, September 10, 2018 at 5:30p.m. at the Jean M. Thomsen Memorial Library