Absentee voting–November 3, 2020

Most registered voters statewide may be receiving a mailing from the State Elections Board instructing you how to cast your vote.  Your options are 1-in person, 2- in person absentee by appt and 3- absentee voting by mail.  The mailing includes instructions on how to get to the MyVoteWisconsin website and request your absentee ballot.  If you are not registered, that is the first step in the process.  All can be accomplished on line!

The mailing also inludes a paper absentee application that can be sent to the state in the postage paid envelope or it may be returned to the local clerk.  If you have any questions, please contact me at village clerk’s office–715-678-2191.  Jan Tischendorf–Clerk


We will get through this!!!  Stay healthy! 


Note–if you have an application on file for 2020 you will need to reapply for absentee voting again after New Years–unless you are an indefinitely confined voter who has kept up their indefinitely confined status.