1.  Clerk/treasurer’s office is open yet, with (mostly) normal hours.  This is subject to change as I am only one person here.  

2.  Quick or no visits are appreciated.  the dropbox on the outside of office door is for your payments.  If the north door is locked of library, drop  your payments in library’s book drop on East side of the building.

3.  ABSENTEE VOTING-please call 715-678-2191.  or apply online, use the official form or just shoot me a message/note in an email with your name, address, phone and hope that you are registered.  If you are not registered, then you must do by mail or in person.  make sure you have ID–proof of residency with you to show!

Email is [email protected]   Address is Village of Stetsonville, PO Box 219, Stetsonville WI 54480

4-  the library is closed!!  Do not ask to be let in to get any materials.  if you do need materials, call the library at 715-678-2892 or email [email protected] and leave a message and the librarians will personally pick your materials and set up a time for you to pick up.

Do not come in if  you are not feeling well PLEASE.  If we all follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC, we will get through this and it will all be a bad memory!  Best wishes to you and your family!